Iludi 5 years!

Iludi 5 years!

In 2019, Estúdio Iludi celebrates 5 years. For the occasion, we have prepared a year full of novelties, and we wish to be more and more present in the daily routine of our friends and partners.

First of all, we present our new institutional video. Made with a lot of affection, it narrates the daily life of a young designer and shows, through a scenario full of pieces developed by ourselves, how much we are part of people’s lives.

We believe that each awakening opens up an infinity of possibilities, and it is up to each one to grasp and absorb all the ideas that embrace us. It’s like the song says: “It’s a brand new day! Gonna take it on my way”.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do. After all, you’re part of the party.


Estúdio Iludi – Its a brand New Day from Estúdio ILUDI on Vimeo.


Fully recorded in our showroom, the video was planned, designed and executed by professionals that have accompanied our entire career. It couldn’t be any different. Here at Iludi, we prioritize relationships, affection and soul – and when these things come along with extreme competence, the result is always overwhelming.


Styling and Photos: Studio Tertúlia. Filming and editing: Loop Videos. Beauty: Cássia Perocco. Model: Bárbara Zanco. Script and Text: Luiz Abreu. Making of: Dentro Fotografia.



Even the flowers bow to watch her pass. The Ghost Collection reveres her plenitude.
Let the light come in and enlighten life. The scent of the lavender, delicately set in a vase from the Tag Collection, floods the environment.
At the table, the meal is the first appointment. Dressed as Carmem Miranda, the Aura Collection centerpiece parades. 
The Veredas Collection enchants with its simplicity. The pots are super versatile and fit well with any environment.
The Void armchair surprises for its comfort built in folds and steel. Under the light of the Urbano lamp, the hope is that the reading goes on.

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