Office sweet Office

Office sweet Office

Get to work. Prepare a delicious tea. Sit in an extremely comfortable armchair and … and start working.  The pleasure and enjoyment of every moment, even in working hours, are part of the mission and reality of the architects and designers Luiz F. Costa and Rodrigo Irffi, who are charge of the versatile Estúdio Iludi. For them, the office must be an extension of home, an environment full of references, a reflection of their personalities.

‘Cida’, ‘Neguinha’ and ‘Jaca’ ceramics, from the Sertões project, by Zizi Caldari, accompany the Cangaço vases set and the Guirlanda plant pendants.
Void armchair, by Estúdio Iludi, and Sui Design vases set.

There is no denying that they are right. Who wouldn’t want to spend most of the time in a welcoming environment that embraces the eye and also brings inspiration? Even in companies where goals and results cause inherent stress, working to make each professional feel like they are part of a whole seems to be a flawless recipe. Productivity is indeed a symptom of joy.

Luiz F. Costa and Rodrigo Irffi with two of their lamps: Joca + Alma N1

“Estúdio Iludi believes that ideas are in motion. For us, and our generation, all daily discoveries need to be harnessed and cataloged in each one’s repertoire for future use. No barriers, no standards. ‘It just would make no sense to work in an inorganic space, limited by conventions and practicalities’, explains Rodrigo Irffi, in a voice so soft that makes us believe that all his goals walk by his side.

Vintage armchair by Carlo Houer and Martin Eisler, Duo side table, by Estúdio Iludi, and work of art by Nao Yuasa.
Set of Ghost vases in natural concrete.

The curatorship of the studio is consistent with their speech. Pieces brought from all over Brazil, which tell the story of the studio in a clean narrative, that does not let them forget every conquest under the best optics: that of remembering.

Their creations navigate among references, inspirations and objects handpicked by the partners themselves, who seek in simplicity, form and content, reflections of the soul. ‘Our office is like an album of beautiful memories. We love what we do and this is reflected here, everywhere’, says Luiz F. Costa while petting the beautiful Brownie, their mascot, and designing an astonishing chair, which will be released soon.

Muda armchair with Duo side table and Esfera Lamp by Tomada
No armário, uma pequena coleção afetiva, complementa a decoração: Vasos Ghost em concreto preto, esculturas de edição limitada da Alva Design e da Sui Design e peça em madeira do designer Ále Alvarenga.

The house itself is the guiding thread. Built in the 1960’s, with big wide windows, full of supports, it brings an intrinsic romanticism in its structure and ends up slowing down the speed of glass and plastic. The result is a demi-bucolic, permissive mood that invites creativity even when the watch seems relentless and unforgiving.

The meeting room has received a composition of wall posters by Estúdio Iludi.
The workstation is composed of a large Nero Marquina marble table. The ‘Por um fio’ centerpiece is a highlight.

In such a lively scenario, the whole negative atmosphere, common in corporate environments, seems to be unwelcome. A contemporary oasis where artisanal and industrial enjoy themselves in an ode to diversity. And how could it be different? Since the first piece created by the studio, the versatile Muda lamp, the experimentalism generated fruits ranging from paintings to armchairs, to decorations and works of art with no limits other than the very truth of the Iludi spirit.

The outdoor area, with a green wall, gained furniture from the Grilo collection, an exclusive edition for Qubo.

Photos: Tiago Nunes | Dentro.Fotografia
Art Direction: Studio Tertúlia (Anna Lara and Amanda Mendonça)
Text: Luiz Abreu

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