Cangaço Collection

When the luminous soul of the imaginary cangaço hears the inner voice of a necessary present, the trunk is turned into poetry, the joy of the scenery. Amongst the cordel rhymes, the Cangaço collection was found. Hardwood and bended brass, a lassoed realistic picture. Rich history, hard life, which we turned into an embrace.

At different heights, the Cangaço collection interprets the band under the minimalist point of view. As a candlestick or solitary, for leaves and flowers, the pieces elevate the essence, taking the thorns out from the picture.




Luiz Costa, Rodrigo Irffi

Technical Description

Roxinho and Muiracatiara Wood / Steel Brass


Vase S - 20x20x22
Vase M - 20x20x27
Vase L - 20x20x34
Vase XL - 20x20x42

Candle-holder S - 13x13x10
Candle-holder M - 13x13x12

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