Tropos Collection

Tropos, in itself, is the change. It is where the object takes a new shape with a simple word replacement. Metaphors, hyperboles, metonymy… A skin that draws a soul.

In the Tropos Collection, Estúdio Iludi pursues, in a few rhetorical traits, the tropical complexity ­– the irony of bringing to minimalism some of the peculiarities of the so said and sung Brazilianness.

What if, instead of curves, we spoke of bends? What if the wood-carved structure gained the delicacy, strength and contemporaneity of the steel with only a laminated dress? Within the natural beauty, a rigid structure, shaped by time and resistance.

Pluralidade brasilis” defines the samba. The line consists of a chair, an armchair and a multiple duo: a bench that serves both as a side table and a seat – and can be used as center table. A sustainable syncretism that, even in straight forms, becomes organic.




Luiz Costa and Rodrigo Irffi

Technical Description

Structure: Carbon Steel 1/4"
Finishing: Automotive Painting / Laminated Wood


Chair: 45x78x63
Armchair: 60x75x70
Duo: 130x40x40
Stool: 40x42x51

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