Grande sertão

Grande sertão

The project designed by architect Vanessa Martins, from Sala 2 Arquitetura, enchants for its simplicity. In step with the creations of Estúdio Iludi, she merges the “minimal” and the “tropical” with mastery.

In the environments, nature and natural light are welcome and invade every corner. The spaces gained furniture by contemporary designers and signed pieces that speak the same language.

The black set from the Cangaço Collection, in communion with earthy tones.
Cangaço vases, by Estúdio Iludi, in a corner of the living room. There, wood and natural materials predominate in coverings and finishes.

The House of the Architect: Vanessa Martins / Sala 2
Arquitetura Exclusive article for Boobam blog

Photos: Eduardo Magalhães
Production: Manoela Moura @manolamoura
Guest journalist: Flora Monteiro

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