Minimal is more

Minimal is more

In a minimalist design, the architect Pedro Felix develops a light, cozy and full-of-character aesthetics.

The resident, a young doctor, also a fan of clean and light environments, requested a practical project, with few elements. “As it is a small apartment, the starting point was the definition of a layout that would integrate both dining and TV rooms in the same space”, says Pedro. In this area, wood panels and carpentry designed by the studio with straight, soft lines personalize the décor.

There are also signed furniture and adornments, such as the Ghost and Cangaço vases and the Antithesis cast-iron and concrete sculptures, by Estúdio Iludi, which makes the environment eve more surprising.

Among wood and concrete tones, the Antithesis Series and the small vase from the Cangaço Collection celebrate the values cherished by the host.

Photos: Reverbo
Text: Luiz Abreu

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